Message From The Mayor

When things are tough it never hurts to hear again that you're doing a great job. So, you're doing a great job, and we're going to get through this together. We still have no known cases of covid-19 in Midway, but once again, I think it's unrealistic to think we won't have cases eventually, perhaps even soon. I also think it's unrealistic, and even dangerous, to think the coronavirus isn't here already. So let's keep staying healthy at home as much as possible, keep washing your hands often, keep social distancing when you do have to go out; stay at least six feet away from anyone who doesn't live in your household, and keep even more than six feet distance if you can. When we do see cases in our community we won't panic because we've already got all of these precautions in place and we're showing that we're getting good at this, so let's get even better.

We will begin to likely start to see our peak in the coming weeks and into the next month. I used to have a basketball coach in high school who when we were as tired as can be, and were sure we couldn't go much longer, would say, "yes you can, you just have to find that next level of strength. It's there, you just have to find it." He was right. And likewise, by supporting and encouraging each other we can find our next level of strength. With our peak approaching before long, let's step up our efforts. Stay healthy at home as much as we possibly can. Consider delivery or curbside pick-up for groceries if you can. If you do have to go out, practice social distancing even better than you already are. Stay at least six feet from anyone not in your home, but if you can keep even more physical distance from others, that's all the better.

Wash your hands often. Your hands should be starting to get dry from all that hand washing, I know mine are. Handwashing is even better than sanitizer because soap is both hydrophilic and hydrophobic: this basically means the soap attaches to both the fats and proteins on your hands and to the water molecules, and when you rinse the soap away, you rinse away the germs as well. But when you're out of the house, which should be rare, make sure you've got hand sanitizer as a second defense for your hands. Don't touch your face, especially your mouth, eyes, nose, and ears – that's another great measure to keep yourself healthy. Also practice good personal hygiene in general. Sneeze or cough into your arm or elbow, and if you're sick do not leave your house. You can call our helpline at 846-4102 at the Midway Christian Church and volunteers will run errands for you, or assist you however they can. You can also call the county's helpline at 859-753-8228. Both of those resources are available to Midway citizens.

As early as this week, we will be ready to distribute free cloth masks to every person in Midway who wants one. We'll be releasing more details very soon on how we're going to distribute these. But keep in mind (and this is very important) that a mask is not your first or your best line of defense against the coronavirus. Our best line of defense remains staying healthy at home, washing our hands often, practicing good social distancing when we do have to go out and keeping good personal hygiene. But the CDC is recommending using a cloth mask when you go to places like the grocery store or pharmacy as an added layer of defense and an added layer to prevent us from unwittingly spreading the coronavirus.

I want to thank Midway Makers Market and owner Amy Bowman, not to mention over 60 volunteers who have helped cut and press the fabric, sew the masks and prepare them with instructions for your use. I also want to thank Kevin Cosgriff and Jenean O'Neal, both Midway residents, who own and operate Diamond Graphics, for donating the printing of our informational cards that go in your mask kit. It's so crucial, however, that you don't get a false sense of security or that you don't let your guard down when wearing one. Also make sure you don't start messing with your mask while it's on, because you'll be touching your face, and defeating the purpose. You may want to wear it around the house a bit at first just to get used to it. If you feel you are letting up your first line defenses, then stop wearing a mask, you can still protect yourself without one. But if done right, it can help. If you do get a mask, wash it before its first use, and wash it often based on frequency of use.

When visiting our local groceries like Midway Corner Grocery, don't go at peak times; if you see quite a few cars in the parking lot, try to come back later. In smaller structures it's so important you still keep good social distancing, and to get what you need and move on for others. Also remember that you wash or sanitize your hands before entering a grocery, and of course, once again after you leave. And keep in mind that the Woodford County Health Department has issued an executive order requiring that only one person per household enter a grocery store, with exceptions for people who have minors and no other option for childcare and elderly folks who need assistance. Please adhere to this important measure. Railroad Drug is offering delivery and curbside, you can call them for all your prescription needs at 846-4146.

We're truly working together as a united community, even though we're apart right now. And I know this can seem like it'll never end, but eventually it will. Keep your spirits up, take time for yourself, stay away from too much news, and get fresh air, just do so safely. Every single citizen of Midway should feel so proud of the work we're doing, and by encouraging each other, we can and will get through this. If you know of someone who is struggling, please let someone know. Feel free to let me know; my number is 859-361-6320. If you know of someone who isn't on social media, help make sure they're getting all the important information they need. If you know of someone who isn't abiding by the guidelines like we all should be doing, encourage them to do better, because we need all 1800 residents to do this right. We need a 100% participation rate to do our very best, and to make this intrusion on our normal lives as short as possible.

I'll update you again by video this time next week unless circumstances call for doing another one sooner. I also frequently post information on my Facebook page Mayor Grayson Vandegrift. In closing today, I'm going to ask, or perhaps the better word is suggest, that you try something: every time you hear the train's whistle blowing, with its iron horse legs rumbling down the tracks, think of how it truly represents Midway. It's still going, even picking up steam as it glides into the future. It's persistent, connected, and vocal. That train is synonymous with Midway, with us, and I take great comfort every day in hearing it continue on. We will do the same thing, we will continue on, just a little differently for a while longer. Thank you, and God bless.