Sidewalk Replacement Cost Sharing Program

The City of Midway’s Sidewalk Replacement Cost Sharing Program is now open for eligible property owners to apply for assistance in replacing damaged sidewalks. Per a cost sharing resolution passed by the Midway City Council, the City of Midway will pay fifty (50%) percent, up to $1000 total, of the cost for the repair, removal and replacement of sidewalks that qualify.

Participants must apply no later than March 31, 2019 to be a part of the cost-sharing program. Any property owner who has unpaid ad valorem taxes or other taxes unpaid and owed to the City of Midway on any property shall be ineligible to participate in this cost sharing program and are excluded until the owner satisfies and cures any outstanding issues as referenced.

After the application deadline, the City will solicit bids from approved contractors with the interest of quality and best pricing as priorities and will then alert the participant of the projected date of work and will provide an invoice to the participant for their share of the project cost. The participant’s share is due prior to the projected start date of work. Any participant who fails to execute the agreement of payment is subject to the language of city ordinance 91.060, which may result in the participant’s forfeiture of any cost sharing and the burden of the full expense of the particular project will then fall upon that property owner.

Also, per city ordinance 91.060, any property owner who owns a sidewalk that is deemed a threat to public safety and well-being by the City Council, but whom chooses not to participate in this cost sharing program will still be required to replace said sidewalk at the owner’s expense. The City of Midway is not in any way restricted from repairing, removing, and replacing sidewalks deemed dangerous and asserting liens against the property where sidewalks have been repaired, removed and replaced by the City.

Applications are available at City Hall or on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to call City Hall at 846-4413, Mayor Grayson Vandegrift at 859-361-6320 or email